Currently being judged. For our 2019 Intersection contest, open to Bay Area emerging composers, please see below



Left Coast Chamber Ensemble’s INTERSECTION workshop will be entering its 6th season in 2019 ( http://www.leftcoastensemble.org/intersection/ ).  The workshop is designed for adult amateur musicians to experience the thrill of playing new chamber music written especially for them.  We are inviting San Francisco Bay Area composers (Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, Sonoma, Napa, and Marin counties) to compose for this workshop.

There is no age limit, and no cost to apply. Composers will be required to submit one original chamber music work.  This work will NOT be performed at the workshop.  If you are selected for the workshop, you will be required to compose a short (3-5 minute) piece for an adult amateur chamber ensemble with instrumentation TBA depending on what instruments are in the group. Instrumentation can include strings, winds and piano.  If selected to compose for this workshop, composers will need to tailor their work to the level of the musicians in each group.

We will only accept 20 composer submissions.  Please submit only one composition per composer. When we have reached 20 submissions, the contest will be closed and announced as closed on the Left Coast Chamber Ensemble website, and further submissions will not be acknowledged.

Left Coast will select UP TO 6 composers to compose for the workshop. Composers will be paid $250 for each
piece composed, $500 in total; composers will be asked to compose two pieces for two different ensembles.

Score: Each composer must submit a legible score of professional quality. No marks identifying the composer must appear anywhere on the score.  Scores will be accepted electronically only.

Audio: If you have one, live recordings are preferred. MIDI realizations are acceptable.  It is also acceptable to submit your work with no audio.  Your real name should not be on your audio.

Preparing your score: Label your score with a pseudonym (don't use your real name on your score).

Number of entries: Composers may submit ONE work.  Note that this work WILL NOT be performed at the workshop.  There is no cost to apply, materials will not be returned to you.

  • Musicians, board members, and composers already affiliated with the Left Coast Chamber Ensemble may not enter the competition; likewise, their spouses, domestic partners and relatives may not enter the competition.


For more information or questions, contact Phyllis Kamrin at: almaduo@comcast.net

Winners will be announced in late May 2018, pieces will be performed in February of 2019.